Late Night Musings

I just posted a very good, yet lengthy, post over at my Knitting Blog, about a few new movies that are coming out (mostly to DVD).  Trailers and a few YouTube clips included.  And because I didn't feel like posting twice, and it's just as easy for all ya'll to follow the link.

Through The Roof 'N Underground

PS.   KATIE -  John and I walked down the street to the Sherando HS homecoming carnival to get a funnel cake tonight, and I saw this girl who reminded me of you.  She looked like you, only in high school.  I mean ..... from the hair cut - to the scarf - to the messenger bag.  It was spooky, yet very nice, because I feel like I just saw you tonight!  Only SEVEN days now!!!!
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Still Here

Oy me, I am so terrible.  It's been over a month since I updated.  Well, I can assure you all that life has calmed down is much better since I last posted.  Work is still work, but no where near as stressful as it was.  I've had a lot of nice people to take care of the last few weeks.  I honestly don't care how much care a patient requires, as long as they are nice to me, follow physical therapy's orders, and don't spit on me.  Seriously, I really don't think that is too much to ask, do you? LOL  So, work has been pleasant and calm, and as I type this, I know that I will return horrible things when I walk in the door tomorrow evening. 

This is funny - Katie got a kick out of it when I told her on the phone - thought ya'll would like it.  Our Admin sent out a mass email asking everyone at Lynn Care to come up with ideas on how we can be more efficient AND save money at the same time.  The actually tone of the email was more along the lines of don't think of anything that doesn't involve saving money.  Yeah ...... right.  I deleted that and promptly missed the last staff meeting.

I'm counting down the days until my vacation.  I can not wait to get the hell away from here for a week.  I've decided to stay a bit longer, and leave on Friday.  Everyone is super excited in NY, as am I, to be able to stay a bit longer.  I simply don't know when the next time is that I'll be able to get up there, so if I'm off anyway, why not?

Well, I'm off to watch Hot Fuzz, have a beer, and knit! 
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Halloween MeMe

Halloween Meme
futurenurselady gives you a toothbrush
ghymoreids_mum summons the undead armies of st_evil to steal your candy
karmapolice0202 puts fake eyeballs in your cutlery
lady_dortles puts apples in your razorblades
lunassa puts real eyeballs in your Wings Greatest Hits
rniteflyerrniteflyer creates an unholy monstrosity from rozeecheeksrozeecheeks, lady_dortleslady_dortles and windchainswindchains
rozeecheeks runs around screaming for hours until abruptly silenced by lady_dortles, wielding a sharpened cutlery
rstormcrow tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
silentnotes devours the entire neighbourhood's candy
st_evil dresses up as rniteflyer
textilejunkie buries karmapolice0202 at the crossroads with a steak (rare) through their heart
windchains TPs your brains
LJ Name

Goodbye Writters Block

I have always been very entranced by the Hannibal Lecter series. I have seen all the movies, and reading the books is next on my list of things to read. So, I was watching Hannibal Rising again tonight, and I had a great idea for a Fan Fiction one shot. I hope you all enjoy it!  The story is set right after the Hannibal Rising movie. BTW - I am sorry for any poor grammar.  I'm very sleepy, and two glasses of wine and a beer later ... well, you understand.

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I know, I know .... I'm totally rotten for not posting very much anymore.  But I have some news to share.
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While It's Rising

I'm baking bread today!  I decided that it was too hot to go out and do anything today, so I'm staying in.  Baking bread, knitting, napping, and reading random knitting blogs.  A pure and simple lazy day.  How is this possible, you ask?  John cleaned this past weekend, which means that I don't have to today!  Goddess, I love that man.

So, while I'm waiting for the bread to rise before I bake it, here is an interesting Meme that I found on a few random knitting blogs.

RULES : Google "(You name) likes to", and post the first 10 answers that you get.

Amy Likes To ....

- Avoid work and do silly memes (I'm not kidding, this was the first one to come up!)

- Go to the beach, visit museums and zoos, and go to festivals.

- Program beats on her computer and makes us mix tapes.

- Sit in her cardboard box and watch while people (and bears) are making food in the kitchen

- Have fun

- Search for bird's nests and look for animal babies

- Read non-fiction books, watch films, and attend lectures

- Play tennis, and play with her dog, Annette (okay ... totally bizzaro!  That's my mom's name.)

- Row organza into a plain pocket book form (WTF?)

- Laugh, see sunsets, and eat Kansas beef.
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Knitting Tea Swap

There are still slots open for the Knit One, Tea Too swap.  Chan and Devon are two of the hostesses and both are great ladies.  I personally have met Chan, so I can vouch for her! LOL

But, I thought I would post here, seeing that I know Tina and Katie love tea.

Oh yeah - blog address .... Knit One, Tea Too
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