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I know, I know .... I'm totally rotten for not posting very much anymore.  But I have some news to share.

That's right, today I got a tattoo.  I've been wanting one for so long, and I finally found the perfect one to start off with.  It's Japanese Kanji characters, and it says "Chiyu", which means healing or to heal.  Since I am finally at terms with the fact that I walk a healing path, I thought it appropriate.  The picture looks a little off though ... I was trying to take this myself.  The tattoo is on my left shoulder - hold the camera with my right hand ... yeah.  But I'm very happy with it, and can certainly see myself getting more tattoos in the future. 

By the way .... I don't think that it hurt.  I was tender afterwards, but I have had flu shots that hurt more than getting this tattoo.


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Aug. 25th, 2007 02:35 am (UTC)
Woot! Good for you! I like it, it's simple, stark, and elegant. Not to mention it has meaning for you.

But as for pain... from what I've heard wait till you go larger, with more outlining, and over bone. I have a friend who's got 20, including a huge back/spine piece and I went with her when she was having work done on it once. I also know someone who had the top of their foot, around the ankle and over their big toe done. Ow.

Knowing you though, you'd be one of the lucky ones for whom there's no pain and only happy addiction. Go for it! One of these days I'm going to get a knitting tattoo. I have decided, and it shall be done.
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