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Halloween MeMe

Halloween Meme
futurenurselady gives you a toothbrush
ghymoreids_mum summons the undead armies of st_evil to steal your candy
karmapolice0202 puts fake eyeballs in your cutlery
lady_dortles puts apples in your razorblades
lunassa puts real eyeballs in your Wings Greatest Hits
rniteflyerrniteflyer creates an unholy monstrosity from rozeecheeksrozeecheeks, lady_dortleslady_dortles and windchainswindchains
rozeecheeks runs around screaming for hours until abruptly silenced by lady_dortles, wielding a sharpened cutlery
rstormcrow tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
silentnotes devours the entire neighbourhood's candy
st_evil dresses up as rniteflyer
textilejunkie buries karmapolice0202 at the crossroads with a steak (rare) through their heart
windchains TPs your brains
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Oct. 3rd, 2007 04:53 am (UTC)
Oct. 4th, 2007 06:36 am (UTC)
How dare I mess up your razor blades like that?

At least my entries are all pointy-thing related. :-)
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