October 13th, 2007


Late Night Musings

I just posted a very good, yet lengthy, post over at my Knitting Blog, about a few new movies that are coming out (mostly to DVD).  Trailers and a few YouTube clips included.  And because I didn't feel like posting twice, and it's just as easy for all ya'll to follow the link.

Through The Roof 'N Underground

PS.   KATIE -  John and I walked down the street to the Sherando HS homecoming carnival to get a funnel cake tonight, and I saw this girl who reminded me of you.  She looked like you, only in high school.  I mean ..... from the hair cut - to the scarf - to the messenger bag.  It was spooky, yet very nice, because I feel like I just saw you tonight!  Only SEVEN days now!!!!
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    Gogol Bordello - "Through The Roof 'N Underground"